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Right-Size Your Agile Planning

Right-Size Your Agile Planning Sprint 0 shouldn’t last months. Here’s how to keep it short and sweet.

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Pivot in Company Strategy – the Nvidia Example

After making chips and graphics chips for personal computers for most of the almost-20 years it has been in business, Nvidia has plunged headlong into a new market; that of the mobile chip, the chip that powers tablets and mobile phones. Why has Nvidia changed its product strategy, and therefore its market strategy, and therefore

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Challenges Managing in the Knowledge Economy? The Answer is Beneath You

As children, many of us grew up with a vision of the manager as “the boss” – a key source of authority in the business who knew the answers, told others what to do and led with a firm hand.  As adults, many of us move into management and try to live that childhood vision

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